Best in Show

Are you all bored of the Village Show yet? Well tough, because I have triumphs to report (as those of you who follow me on Twitter may have already guessed).

vegetables in transit

First transport your vegetables (and basket) … nothing a bungee can’t handle

Top Tip for prize-winning vegetables: concentrate your entries in the categories where nobody else has anything to show. This allowed me to sweep the board in both the Heaviest Onion and Oddest-Shaped Vegetable classes. But that is not all – I also placed third in the rather hotly contested Rhubarb (Three Stalks) class, and came first – beating actual other competitors – in the Potato, One Variety (White) class. Meanwhile the other half, having tasted victory in the Any Other Vegetable class with a first prize for his Jalapeno Pepper, will undoubtedly be planning next year’s planting with the show schedule in hand.

But my basket, oh my basket was a thing of beauty

vegetable basket

First out of a field of two might not be much to write home about, but I was congratulated on it by several people, only half of whom were taking the piss.

Nothing, however, could compete with the winner of the overall best entry in the show – not mine, I hasten to add – winner of the ‘Item made of Recycled Materials’ class and, incidentally, most bonkers bike ever.

recycled bike

This isn’t what’s normally meant by a ‘recycled bike’

Which surely won’t prevent it from appearing on Kickstarter as a business idea before the year is out.


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