To Those that Have Shall be Given

The Other Half took another step into the realm of gardenerdom this week: he has been presented with someone else’s vegetable surplus. It is apparently an iron law of vegetable gardening that you never get anyone’s garden produce* until you have a plot of your own and then you can hardly fend it off with a stick. For no sooner does he boast about his triumphs in the Any Other Vegetable category at work, than he finds three courgettes on his desk (then again, it could just be some sort of an initiation…)

surplus tomatoes

Help, send tomato recipes

He’s now considering whether to escalate with his tomato surplus, but to be honest, that’s the sort of dangerous move that ends up with you standing in the kitchen googling marrow recipes…

* Apart from the gentleman I met in Bigtown who was reminiscing fondly about being sent by his mother down to the local allotments to pick up some leeks for the family tea. Not *their* allotment, you understand. Just *an* allotment …


3 Responses to To Those that Have Shall be Given

  1. charles says:

    tomatoes red onion cucumber (and a chilli). Slice finely, then dice. If you leave out the chili and add good wine vinegar and maybe some olive oil salt and pepper, its an Israeli salad, or a Palestinian salad, its rather apolitical, if you add the chilli and white malt vinigar it becomes an excellent Durban sambal to have with your curry.

    I know you are in Scotland so you do not need the cucumber and a white onion can be used instead of red…

  2. disgruntled says:

    It turns out Hugh Fearnley Washingup’s roasted tomato sauce recipe will use enormous amounts to produce not very much sauce

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