It all started innocently enough – six months ago, I made a dentist’s appointment in Notso Bigtown for 2pm this afternoon, because Wednesdays are the day that the other half goes to Notso Bigtown to shop and can give me a lift in.

And then, a few days ago, the other half announced that he had to work today so he wouldn’t be going into Notso Bigtown, but that was okay, because although it’s about 13 miles away, I’ve cycled there before and it’s a nice enough ride if I take my time and the weather is kind.

And then, a couple of days ago, I had a phone call I needed to make and lunchtime today was the only time that suited, so it was going to be a bit tight to make the call and get to the dentist but it was still okay, because as long as I put the hammer down a bit and kept going then it would still be doable.

And then yesterday I got a call from the Bigtown local radio station about our bike breakfast and kidical Massive event and could I pop into the studio for an interview at 4:30, which meant I would now have to ride 17 miles from Notso Bigtown to Bigtown, on top of the 13 miles to Notso Bigtown, and the 8 miles home.* Oh and that 17 miles would be along the Old Military Road, my least favourite cycle route, because of its habit of going straight over every hill except for when it takes a little detour just to go to the top of a hill which it might otherwise miss.

View of hills

View from the top of a totally unnecessary hill

But it was still okay.

bend in the road

Because it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

dappled shade

And it would have been positively painful to spend it indoors…

* As someone did point out on twitter, there *are* buses, but that would have entailed a fair bit of hanging around, and also the complication of either getting my bike onto the bus or leaving it somewhere, and actually buses are quite expensive and also I needed to stop by the paper shop and … oh who am I kidding, I just hate rural buses and I’d rather cycle 38 miles than have to take one, let alone three


4 Responses to Epicish

  1. charles says:

    Was this one of the raods built by General Wade? I ask simply bec ause I was a friend of great, great, great, keep going a lot, gransdson. His grandson did not build roads but did join ther army and then became a successful artist.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Indeed, General Wade, although the Grand Old Duke of York would be more like it with its obsession getting to the top of hills

  3. welshcyclist says:

    I’ve got a free bus pass, classed as an OAP for four years now, used it precisely twice, give me the bike every time.

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