Going Dutch

‘Is there some sort of EU funding for diggers suddenly?’ the other half was wondering a few days ago and it’s true that there seem to be intensive excavations going on in half the fields around us. The field opposite is certainly getting some extensive drainage work done, which will be good news for the cattle that usually overwinter there and spend the last half of the year trudging around up to their ankles in mud. It also means that poking out the road drains with a stick will likely be more effective, to my great satisfaction, although it will be bad news for any fish that might be swimming about in the road at the time.

field drainage

But the works there pale into insignificance compared to the field down the road, on the way to the ford, which at one point was looking like a re-enactment of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. We’ve been watching the digging get more and more extensive in recent days and finally, as we returned from blackberry picking on Sunday afternoon, I spotted the owner and found out that they were actually levelling the field altogether (it had started as just a bit of drainage works, but one thing led to another, and they decided what the hell, why not just flatten it?). I was sceptical that this was even possible but lo and behold:

flattened field

That’s actually not bad and it got me wondering: if one man and a digger can flatten one hill in a week…

road looking uphill

… how long to do them all?


3 Responses to Going Dutch

  1. charles says:

    The drains should be good for the FORD as well as more water should arrive!

  2. stcleve says:

    Reminds me of being at Agricultural College 43years ago. The topic was “How to improve hill ground.” A bright sparks answer was to level them by knocking the tops off into the bottoms.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Charles – it will be terrible for Bigtown though as that’s where the water ends up eventually
    Stcleve – it would reduce your acreage though, effectively

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