Charity Begins at Home

It was Nearest Village’s Macmillan coffee morning this morning, and as a community councillor who is up for re-election* I thought we had better show our faces (oh, all right, we went because we knew it would be laden with delicious cakes as, indeed, it was. But we cycled down there, so that’s okay). Chatting with one of my former fellow choir members (now sadly an ex-choir) he was telling us a bit about life when he was a shepherd’s son growing up in the hills behind the village. He has now somewhat risen in the world and mixes with the ‘county ladies’ dancing society but back in the day he remembered the charity of the ‘dog biscuit ladies’ who used to generously send packages of dog biscuits several times a year to ensure the shepherds’ dogs didn’t go hungry. Over time, the dog biscuit element waned, and the gifts for the shepherds’ children got more prominent, but even so, that must surely count as the Most British Charity Ever…

I would say that it’s a sign of how much times have changed, but a recent discussion at an earlier community council about food banks suggests we’re not that far off those days any longer.

* Not that there are ever any actual elections; it’s more of a press-ganging of the least unwilling to serve.


One Response to Charity Begins at Home

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    Point taken about British Charities, although the cat at the farm I work at, is a rescue cat transported all the way from Istanbul of all places, so it seems like Germans are a bit the same sometimes.

    THe whole food bank thing is worrying though: it isn’t as bad here yet but it is on the rise.

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