Meanwhile in the Shed…

… something was lurking:

potatoes in bin

Guess who had forgotten to empty out the last few sprouty potatoes from the black bin where they’re stored over winter?

last year's potatoes

Actually it was quite impressive the lengths that some of them had gone to to seek the light.

baby potatoes

Others had desperately concentrated on making new potatoes. I suppose in the interests of horticultural and/or culinary knowledge I should have tried cooking these to see if being grown in the dark like that creates an especially delicate flavour, but I’ve never been a fan of forced vegetables – white asparagus gives me the heebie-jeebies – so I’m afraid they went straight onto the compost heap. Where they will probably flourish, if the rest of the compost is anything to go by…

2 Responses to Meanwhile in the Shed…

  1. charles says:

    You could have put them in a pot in the greenhouse so that you could have had fresh new potatoes for Christmas…

  2. […] potatoes have a fierce determination to grow and will do so even in a light-proof plastic bin so I suspect they will manage anyway (that said, I note that last year I was still putting potatoes […]

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