On the Sunny Side

Well, summer left it late, but it finally made it up here – yesterday was the first day I have been Too Hot since the beginning of July. Of course, it has coincided with work deadlines and a bunch of self-inflicted stress, but I still had to cycle into Bigtown today to pick up the paper and my Ivor Cutler t-shirt (long story) and I wasn’t the only one out on the bike either – at one point there must have been four of us all riding along the same road,* which I can assure is not Normal for Bigtown. Every single one of us, as we encountered each other, exchanged the look which goes ‘whatever else may be going on in our lives, you and I, at least we have managed to arrange things so that today, of all days, we are out in this weather on our bikes. We therefore win.’ I think you know the one I mean.

Now all I have to do is hold that thought for when October arrives properly and I am plodding into a blustery headwind, with my feet sloshing around in my shoes.

*The one where the cycle path – a shared use pavement – decides to switch from one side of the road to the other half way along, before disappearing altogether; unsurprisingly none of us were using it. I like my off-road cycling infrastructure as much as the next Cycling Embassy member, but I’d prefer it not to be completely bonkers.


2 Responses to On the Sunny Side

  1. charles says:

    On the subject of barking mad cycling infrastucture one of the cycle paths in Barnet runs along the main road to the M1, keeping the cyclists safely off the dual carriage way. The path is a long way from the road and is therefore out of Sight. However the cycle path has to negotiate the slip road onto the M1. This is done by crossing the slip road at the point where every car is trying its hardest to accelerate to get onto the motorway. There is a very small sign, about 4 inches across , to warn motorists that cycclists may appear.

    It is not a pretty Sight and whoever dessgned it has obviously been promoted, because design talent like this should not be wasted.

  2. disgruntled says:

    They’re probably in charge of writing the design guidelines…

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