Flight Path

The geese have been returning for the past couple of weeks; I caught flight after flight of them honking their way south as I cycled to the station on my way to Glasgow.

geese overhead

Cycling home again, on a curiously mild October evening I was reminded that our other migrants, the swallows, have long gone. Unfortunately not so the insects they feed on, which are now thick in the air. I had to be rather thoroughly ‘debugged’ when I finally got in. Normally by this stage in the year you can cycle in relative safety without having to pick things with legs out of the corners of your eyes* for the rest of the day.

As a fellow cyclist put it a propros of funding for cycling infrastructure, among other things, ‘Aye the swallows have all fucked aff tae Africa and the bats are all gone intae hibernation so there’s naebody tae eat them but us. Perhaps if we promised to cycle around mair wi’ our mouths open they’d build us the cycle lanes to dae it in.’

It’s worth a shot, I suppose. No other argument seems to be getting through so far…

* still better than London bogeys though


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