A Short Ride (without nuts)

autumn leaves

Buoyed by last year’s hazelnut bonanza, and with an unseasonably sunny October afternoon suddenly going spare, the other half and I ventured out on our bikes to see if we could find some hazelnuts the squirrels didn’t need.

two hazelnuts

Last year must have been a one-off though. This was 50% of our haul.

hazelnut shell


There were signs we’d been beaten to some of them by one Mr S. Nutkin esq., but not that many. Better get feeding our red squirrels this winter…

It wasn’t an entirely wasted trip though.

October trees

October trees

After all, it was by bike.

October trees


3 Responses to A Short Ride (without nuts)

  1. winterbournehgblog says:

    We have a fantastic Hazelnut tunnel which we call The Nutwalk in our garden – the squirrels take all of our nuts though. Still plenty of autumn colour to keep us entertained https://diggingfordirt.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/a-second-spring/

  2. commuterjohn says:

    Good enough photos for a Country file calendar.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @winterbourne – they must be hungry squirrels!
    @John – they got better after I cleaned the camera lens. I wondered why everything was coming out a bit impressionistic

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