A Rural Tragedy, a Short Script for Two Voices

Me to other Half: That’s me off to the first community council meeting. All the office bearers have quit, so I just have to make sure I avoid getting lumbered with being secretary. The last thing I need is more paperwork, and the Coonsil insists on sending everything in hard copy, including printed-out emails with ‘click here for the link’ on them.

Other Half: Nightmare! Good luck

*time passes*

Me: Hello, I’m back!

OH: How did it go?


OH: You got made secretary didn’t you?

7 Responses to A Rural Tragedy, a Short Script for Two Voices

  1. At one club I was in many years ago, the saying was “Be there or be nominated.” I ended up president one year…

  2. What happened to the promise of a paperless office? Our son’s brand spanking new university campus is, so much so he couldn’t find anywhere to buy an A4 enverlope

  3. (Opps, that comment whizzed off to quickly!)… without catching a bus into town, There is an irony that what he wanted to post, was a (hand written) form to apply for his Disabled Student Allowance, to provide all he needs not to hand write his work!

  4. disgruntled says:

    K – yes, we did consider making the only absent member hold all the offices … perhaps we should have done
    UHDD – I think it will be a while before the paperless office reaches us up here

  5. Bill G says:

    I used to have a sign above the door in my office to remind me every time I left it – “Never be in the same room as a decision”

  6. Charles says:

    I was informed quite kindly, that I was on the committee of our local fly dressing club. I am having to move to Somerset to escape.

  7. […] all makes a certain sense, if you think about it. In my new role as secretary of the community council I seem to have the job of organising everything that happens in the parish, and that includes our […]

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