A Stick in Time…

In a worrying sign that I might actually be becoming a grown up, this morning I went out ahead of the forecast rain and cleared out the ditch as well as all the leaves from the drain covers and the vegetation out in front of the field culvert so that the road wouldn’t actually flood with the coming apocalyptic forecast

field culvert

In due course the rain arrived and – at least as long as the daylight lasted – my handiwork seemed to be holding up

leaf-free drain

Which is satisfying. But not, if I’m honest, as satisfying as sorting out a situation like this

flooded road

by poking it with a stick.

Still, if the forecast is anything to go by, there’s still time for plenty of flooding to materialise. I would report on the ford, but the rain was so heavy that I got soaked just going out to photograph the drains, and I’ve had quite enough drenchings this week. With more to come tomorrow, I suspect

One Response to A Stick in Time…

  1. Excellent. Job well done, in advance

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