Bad news, regular blog readers: it seems that even after being freshly re-proofed, my everything-but-the-apocalypse-proof jacket is letting in a bit of damp at the shoulders and the sleeves. Perhaps it is finally wearing out – it is beginning to look a little faded and frayed around the seams (but then again, that’s generally when my clothes are just getting comfortable). Either that, or this actually is the apocalypse (‘which would explain a lot’ the other half said).*

Either way, I’m going to need a new jacket because if the end times are coming you wouldn’t want to face them in anything but a breathable but otherwise completely impermeable outer garment, and neither would you want to live in South West Scotland, frankly. Any suggestions? The local horse riders (who fear for my safety in my current ninja getup) would prefer it if it wasn’t black…

*’Apocalypse Abigail‘ according to the Met Office** – although really, I do think they should stop messing around and just let the people of Glasgow decide what the storms are called

** although it seems the Met Office folk in Aberdeen are made of sterner stuff and have pointed out that wet and windy weather in November is normal for Scotland.


6 Responses to Bombproof

  1. cyclerist says:

    Check out the Agu collection, they are very well made 🙂

  2. Please be light and bright, and warm and dry…

  3. It will have to be 24oz tweed surely.

  4. Charles says:

    You could try Syms they make fishing kit. Before you laugh I have spent a pleasant day up to my waste is water, in driving rain and come out dry and toasty. Don’t buy the waders, they are very good but you might attract strange looks on a bike.

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    I still find waxed cotton works pretty well, on the bike and the farm. Of course it is the same colour as a hedge, but then high visibility clothes don’t seem to make much diference with drivers anyway.

  6. disgruntled says:

    There is a chap around here who cycles in waders on a rather splendid old three-speed Raleigh
    I shall kit myself out in tweed once I’ve won the lottery

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