Digging for Dirt

Operation catch-up-with-the-garden continued over the weekend with the first order of business being finding the manure heap

The usual procedure with manure for the garden is that a nice farmer comes and drops off a large steaming heap of it at the top of the garden, and then everyone forgets about it until it’s needed. I’m not entirely certain when the current lot got delivered, but it has been in disguise as a nettle patch for most of the summer


manure mining …

Nettles don’t mess around when it comes to putting down roots, so that what was supposed to be a simple shovelling operation turned into something more complicated: with a certain amount of swearing and hacking away at it with a fork, I managed to open up a seam that wasn’t too nettle-infested and effectively burrowed my way into the heap.* It was worth it though. Lovely dark crumbly stuff. And only approximately another 57 barrowloads to hack out and ferry down to the walled garden until the whole veg patch is put to bed for the winter.

Muckheap closeup

In other news the garlic has arrived. The instructions say ‘plant as soon as possible in soil that is neither waterlogged nor frozen’. Looking at the forecast for the next week, I’m thinking two out of three isn’t bad…

garlic delivery

* it did occur to me that if the whole thing collapsed, nothing would be found of me but a pair of wellies sticking out of the bottom. But what a way for a gardener to go and think of the savings on the funeral costs.**

** plus imagine the roses you could grow …


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  1. […] some gardening over this weekend. Not much, but a few barrowloads of manure were hacked out of the nettle heap and transferred to the greenhouse. If I get really reckless, I might even start some seeds, or just […]

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