When the Going Gets Tough…

… so my plan for today was to celebrate not partaking in Black Friday by taking part in Bike Friday instead and getting on my bike to, er, buy a paper* and then telling the world all about it, complete with glorious photographs illustrating how wonderful it is to be out in the fresh air instead of in some horrible shopping centre trampling people underfoot in a frantic rush for the biggest bargains, because surely if this doesn’t bring down the whole sorry edifice of consumer capitalism, then nothing will.

And then I looked out the window and saw the rain and the other half very nobly drove down for the paper instead. So you’ll just have to enjoy this picture I took a few days ago instead, and smash the consumerist capitalist society yourselves.

autumn trees

Just to make it all worse, I’ll be spending the next couple of days contributing to the frenzy of consumerism as our pop-up bookshop will be popping up for the Bigtown Christmas Lights switch on, which means I can’t go to the Edinburgh Climate March either. Truly, I am a failure, although I would maintain that a pop-up bookshop run on anarchist collective lines (we think; nobody can actually agree what they are) with all proceeds going to direct to local authors is the least worst form of consumerism there is, albeit still unlikely to do much to prevent global warming…

Remind me what it was the road to Hell was supposed to be paved with again? I hope the rest of you aren’t being as feeble.

* Which is apparently okay as I wouldn’t be doing it at some massive outlet sale


One Response to When the Going Gets Tough…

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Nice picture, anyway….

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