Blow, Desmond, and Crack your Cheeks

I hope you all appreciate the fact that at the height of ‘Storm Desmond‘ – with the coonsil having called a major emergency and repaired to their secret emergency bunker* – I ventured out to check the level of the ford for you.

Ford in December - 2 foot

I don’t want to be too flippant because the flooding further east was pretty serious and things look truly dire in Cumbria (and of course Bigtown flooded but Bigtown floods two or three times a year), but up here we have seen worse, in fact we’d seen worse on Thursday evening when I thought my friend’s car was going to drown as she gave me a lift into town, and the water in the yard nearly reached the shed door. That wasn’t one of your named storms though, that was just a wet day in Southwest Scotland, and if they’re going to start giving every wet day in Southwest Scotland a name, we’re going to need a longer alphabet…

That said, the water yesterday did overwhelm most of the drains (despite regular stick poking) and we kept getting brief powercuts each of which lasted exactly long enough for us to feel our way to the kitchen shelf where the torch lives, and we’ve not had mobile reception since yesterday afternoon. We were even forced to watch both episodes of the Bridge back to back (I prefer to spread them out) because we weren’t sure the power cuts wouldn’t interfere with the recording. I know, my flooding hell, send in the army…

All through September and part of October, when the weather was uncannily warm and fine, we were rather looking at each other nervously and wondering when we were going to pay for this.

I think that time might be now.

*This genuinely exists, and was built to withstand a nuclear war although even so I would have thought an underground bunker wasn’t the best place to sit out a major flooding event


3 Responses to Blow, Desmond, and Crack your Cheeks

  1. Commuterjohn says:

    You will be picked by Fox news for their hurricane reports at this rate.

  2. john gibson says:

    That is very impressive, but please take care when stick poking.

  3. disgruntled says:

    I keep well away from the ford when stick poking … I did have to wade a little bit out to take the photo though

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