Moving Mountains

Well, we made it safely to Colorado,* after three flights and more time spent going through security rigmaroles than anyone should have to and woke bright and early this morning ready for the really important things in life

My father in law had had the bikes serviced for our arrival, which was very welcome – but our real question was whether the river path – which was underwater last time we visited – had been repaired yet

end of the bike path

I remember when all this used to be bike path…

The short answer is no, although they’re working on it. The long answer is that they’re busy trying to put the Fountain Creek back where it used to be, instead of where it is, which is where the river path used to be (or bits of it anyway). Given that rivers have a way of going where they want to, given enough time and the odd downpour, I would have thought that it would be easier to put the river path somewhere else, perhaps on slightly higher ground, but that’s probably why I’m not a river engineer. Either way, it looks as if they’re going to be some time.

desire line

Fortunately there is another force that’s even more powerful at shaping landscapes than unruly rivers, and that’s the human tendency people have to walk where they want to walk, and not where the powers that be want them to walk. And enough people have decided that they want to walk along the river path that a new river path has appeared through the formerly snake-infested undergrowth. It’s now wide enough to cycle on, with a bit of care, so we can resume our usual adventuring. Or we could, if it wasn’t for the forecast snow and freezing temperatures in the offing. It seems the Weather Gods might have got wind of where we are …

* My credit card, on the other hand, appears to have made an unscheduled stop somewhere along the way where it is having an exciting and – until the nice people at Yorkshire Bank put a stop on it – very expensive holiday. My lifelong reliance on the kindness and fundamental honesty of strangers had to come to a sticky end sometime but I’ve had a good run …


4 Responses to Moving Mountains

  1. zungg says:

    Sorry to hear about the card. Welcome to CO. Public amenities do take a while to get repaired here, but they tend to be better than before, once complete. At least here in Denver. Southern CO is like another country!

  2. disgruntled says:

    I must see something of Denver other than its airport one of these days

  3. Anonymous says:

    nothing like getting cloned on holiday. it happened to me in Australia , fortunately I only found out when I got home. What did surprise me was that the nice people at NatWest let the crooks do things with my account that they would not let me do. Hence my aversion to internet banking. Colorado is a great place, great climate, lots of space and no people.

  4. disgruntled says:

    We were fortunate that the bank blocked the other half’s cash card, or I might not have realised my credit card was even missing.

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