Elfin Safety

December sky

It’s supposed to snow and freeze tomorrow, although you’d hardly know it from the temperature this afternoon (63F) so we took advantage while stocks lasted …

Pausing at a little park along the river path, I couldn’t help but notice this sign which suffers not only from horrible apostrophe abuse, but also a bad case of lawyeritis

Warning sign

Fair enough,* you’re probably thinking, climbing *is* dangerous, it’s reasonable to warn people, the City of Pueblo has to cover its arse, etc, etc, but that’s before you see the climbing ‘facility’ in question, which was effectively a big rock.

climbing rock

Bicycle for scale – it must be all of 8 feet tall

I’m fairly clumsy, and regularly bruise myself by failing to walk accurately through the open bit of a door – but even I would struggle to damage myself on that.

december sky

Before anyone gets too smug, we’re not immune to this in the UK either

* not the apostrophes, obviously, there are limits…


5 Responses to Elfin Safety

  1. Charles says:

    apostrophe abuse is rife

  2. disgruntled says:

    There ought to be a warning about it on all signs

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    Thankfully Lawyeritis hasn’t reached every corner of the world. In the city farm I work at we have a couple of hundred metres of home-made catwalks, about two metres (roughly 6 feet) off the ground with no fences, signs, or soft landings. The attitude is “Children need adventure” and that involves risk…

  4. disgruntled says:

    Oddly enough, we passed a group of workmen who were working with fairly heavy-duty powertools and not an ear-defender in sight (let alone the ubiquitous hi vis vest). You’d think the lawyers would have better things to do than worry about children falling 8 feet off a rock.

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