Walking with a Purpose

If you think cycling to the shops is doing it wrong around here, walking to buy something is even more outlandish (unless you’re at the mall, of course). Much as I like going for a walk, I also like walking to get somewhere, especially if that somewhere has some sort of a reward attached. Here you can just about walk to the nearest garage, if you were really desperate for some sort of corn-based cheese-food-flavoured snack products, but otherwise if you wanted to get your treats on foot, we thought we were out of luck. But then we learned that the best donuts in town were actually sold at the nearby Chinese restaurant, which is just over the road:

Although by ‘over the road’ we mean ‘Highway 50’ …

donut shop

here be donuts

Still, when the other half jokingly suggested that if I was going to go for a walk I should pick up some donuts while I was at it, I decided to take him at his word. I did take the slightly more scenic route though – up via the University, past the golf course, through the tumbleweed on the sidewalk …


(that’s slightly unfair – the road in question is a dead end so the tumbleweed has piled up everywhere, not just on the pavements. But you’ve got to love how even a dead end has about 3 lanes in each direction)

dead end road

Anyway, 50 minutes later (I took the more direct route back) I reckoned that the box had it right.

you deserve a donut

And then we went for a proper walk so we could deserve a couple more

Nature Centre, Pueblo


4 Responses to Walking with a Purpose

  1. Flighty says:

    Have a good Christmas. xx

  2. Bill G says:

    My aunt once went on a business trip with my uncle. He went to the conference so she went for a walk. She was stopped by the police – “Why are you walking, lady?” – She said she was having a look round and heading for the Mall. “Lady, round here NOBODY walks to the Mall – go back to your hotel and call a cab…”

  3. john gibson says:

    I cannot remember ever seeing tumbleweed except in cartoons.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Flighty – thanks – and to you!
    @Bob – in fairness there was another couple out walking but they had dressed up as people Going For A Walk so they were fine. I wondered if I just looked homeless…
    @John – I’m delighted that tumbleweed is an actual thing. Still not seen a roadrunner yet though

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