If a Ford Floods in a Forest…

… and there’s nobody there to blog about it it, was it still a new high score?

The evidence of the ‘tideline’ on the road:

flood tide mark

And the debris on the bridge:

debris on bridge

suggests that it might have been, but some idiot has failed to equip the ford with some sort of ratchet min/max device so it’s not telling any tales. It almost – almost – makes me sorry that I missed all the excitement

ford in January

Still, it was exciting enough discovering that Bigtown was on the front page when I stopped to pick the Guardian in Heathrow airport yesterday (yes, that Guardian, the one with all the headless maps of interesting data from England and Wales usually labelled something like ‘house prices soaring in the UK’ where Scotland only exists during the Festival in August). Which in turn was almost as startling as being told by the chap at the till in WH Smith’s that the world was going to end in 2016 – and that he knew this because apparently the Queen had said so in an outtake during her Christmas broadcast, not realising the microphone was still live.*

Her majesty might have a point, seeing as I spotted this plant in full flower on my ride back from the papershop this morning.

plant flowering in January

It’s January, people, January. How am I ever going to get my garlic to vernalise if this goes on?
*It only occurs to me now that this might be part of desperate measures on the part of WH Smith’s to persuade their customers to use the self-service tills


3 Responses to If a Ford Floods in a Forest…

  1. ballsofwool says:

    Very funny! Completely bonkers, but very funny. Happy New Year!

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