Sprouting Times

There is interesting drainage news but that will have to wait, for I know you have been left on the edge of your seats, wondering what has happened to my garlic. Previously on Town Mouse your heroine had planted out her review garlic in the teeth of weather warnings and the warmest December on record, and had opted to hedge her bets by planting one third in the greenhouse, and one third outside, keeping the rest until it looked like slightly more propitious weather for planting garlic…

Since all of the garlic looked like it had got started before we left for the US, I then moved the greenhouse garlic outside so it could benefit from any cold weather that might be coming its way. All through our trip to Colorado I was watching the weather forecasts and imagining the pots being blown around the walled garden while the garlic in the ground just sadly rotted away or was washed out altogether. So I headed up to the plot with some trepidation to check what had happened in my neglectful absence

The good news was: the ex-greenhouse garlic, having got off to an excellent start, and being in a somewhat sheltered spot was doing fine.

greenhouse garlic

Ex greenhouse garlic. I’m aware you’re supposed to bury the clove when you plant it but these ones put out such ferocious roots they managed to unbury themselves…

As was the garlic which had been planted straight into the soil, underneath bottle cloches

garlic in vegetable bed

As, indeed, was the garlic in the kitchen waiting to be turned into supper

garlic in kitchen

And, er, the garlic I’d stored in the shed for safe keeping.

garlic stored in shed

So the moral of the story is, it’s not getting garlic going which is difficult … it’s stopping it.

Looks like I’d better go and find some non-waterlogged soil to plant the spares in, and pronto …

3 Responses to Sprouting Times

  1. Well done – I planted garlic in pots in my plastic greenhouse last year and they got knocked over and out of their pots by a combination of wind and nameless invaders so many times that I had to give up in the end. And this year I didn’t get round to planting any.

  2. disgruntled says:

    It’s probably not too late …

  3. […] The other half asked a couple of days ago as I was bemoaning the state of the garden. Regular readers may remember that last year I was asked to review Marshall’s Heritage Garlic Collection and they have since suffered storms Abigail to Frank, snow, heavy frost, the strangest spring weather since the plagues of Egypt and a certain amount of user error. […]

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