Meanwhile, in Weather God Land…

‘what’s that she’s whinging on about now? There’s been too much rain recently?’

‘not only that, but it’s too mild

‘I think we can do something about that …’

And so they did

snow faling

It was just fat comedy flakes at first, so I set off for the paper anyway, without bothering to change to my winter wheels with their magical ice tyres. It wasn’t actually all that cold and my main problem initially was the snow melting into my trousers – I’ve never had to ride along brushing the accumulation of snow off my thighs before.

car tracks on snowy road

Having stopped in nearest village for a chat (‘it’s no weather for cycling’ ‘I thought I’d get out before it gets any worse’) and set off again in snow that was now steadily settling I was beginning to regret not having the spikes. It wasn’t too slippery on the fresh snow, but it was getting thick enough that it was quite hard going – and where the few cars had passed the snow was distinctly squirrelly underfoot.

So I stuck to the middle of the road and concentrated on pedalling steadily and smoothly uphill and not gathering too much speed downhill.

snow on trees

And enjoying it.

snow on gate

I was quite pleased to find it was mostly melting on the way back. The night is forecast to be cold, however, so I think the magical ice tyres will be going on …


5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Weather God Land…

  1. micelle2014 says:

    Wow,, what a magical landscape. It must have been an exceptional experience to cycle in the midst of this winter wonderland. Tnx for sharing this beautiful experience with us.

  2. Tyres, the answer to most kinds of weather… Going back 23 years ago, the local taxis used to run around on studded tyres in the winter months. You never see or hear that now.

  3. bribikes says:

    What beautiful snow, your pictures are wonderful! I am glad you enjoyed your winter ride 🙂

  4. WOL says:

    Snowing here too. And cold. Time to snuggle in with a good book, knitting and the fat cat.

  5. john gibson says:

    It is not fair, you get all the variety up your way.
    Ps I thought I heard they had introduced Beavers in Scotland a while back.

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