Ride Like the Wind, Be Home for Tea*

afternoon light

Dashing back from an important coffee-and-gossip session this afternoon, trying to beat the fading light (with my winter wheels on, I no longer have my hub dynamo and I had forgotten to bring my emergency backup front light), I couldn’t help but stop to snatch a photo of the light and mist and late afternoon sky

Further on, with the sunset gathering momentum, and just as I was wondering whether I had time to stop to take another photo, I noticed a car stopped by the side of the road and a woman leaning over the gate, (proper) camera in hand, who had clearly had the same thought. A friend, in fact, and a much better photographer than I am,** so in the end I discovered I did have time to stop, if only for a brief chat.***

And then I really did have to ride like the wind – if the wind rode a rather over-laden touring bike with spiked winter tyres – if I was to be home for tea.

I made it, you’ll be relieved to know

* motto of the sadly no-longer-updated Highway Cycling Group

** I was hoping she’d have posted her photo by now so you could see the sunset in its real glory but nothing so far (updated – you can see the results here if you click through  to the ‘extras’)

*** I’d say that this was one of the pleasures of cycling, but actually round here drivers think nothing of stopping side by side for a blether if they pass someone they know, and sometimes quite a prolonged one.


2 Responses to Ride Like the Wind, Be Home for Tea*

  1. Alison Boyes says:

    Glad you made it home before dark and honoured to be mentioned in your blog (as you are in mine). I like your photo!

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