Feel the Burn

I promise this isn’t about to turn into a horsey blog, but it was striking when I was out yesterday leading my friend’s pony along the road, just how slowly a tractor felt it had to pass us. I almost waved it to hurry up because the pony wasn’t bothered and I was getting a bit bored standing there waiting for it to creep past at 5mph, but I decided I’d better not in case the next animal it encountered wasn’t quite so blasé.

I remarked on the difference to my friend when I returned and we agreed that on the whole, drivers were pretty courteous but that (just like when you’re on a bike) you do get the occasional idiot.

‘There was a delivery driver the other day who came bombing over the blind crest of a hill when I was out on a horse,’ she said. ‘I gave him a very hard look until he slowed down and then I didn’t return his wave.’

I hope he realised he had just been administered the ultimate rural rebuke.

In other news – look what a difference a day (and heavy overnight rain) makes

snow gone

It made for a lovely ride down for the paper. It’s far too mild for the time of year, actually, but I’ve decided to worry about that another time. And let the record show that I have changed the tyres on my bike all by myself and in record time too…


4 Responses to Feel the Burn

  1. disgruntled says:

    It almost felt like it too…

  2. Robert Littlewwod says:

    Levers or thumbs?

  3. disgruntled says:

    Ah, I cheated and swapped the wheels

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