For this Relief, No Thanks

For Gertrude, read Henry; are we bored of the storms yet? The highlight of today’s ride to the papershop was the fact that it STOPPED RAINING and that it STAYED STOPPED long enough for me to ride very slowly into the wind all the way down to Papershop Village and then very quickly home again. Although we haven’t had the scary 80mph gusts that closed the Forth Road Bridge this afternoon, it was windy enough that – having stopped to chat with someone out on the road – I discovered that, humiliatingly, I couldn’t actually get going again until I had walked the bike to the top of the next hill and could get a bit of graviational assistance. I was certainly grateful to the driver of the pickup truck that waited patiently behind me as I plugged painfully up the last hill before Papershop Village (when I did stop to let him pass I almost go blown into the dyke so they were right not to attempt to overtake when I was in motion)

No trees have come down, at least that I’ve seen, but the Tree that Says No Thanks has now become somewhat more abrupt in its refusal:

Tree says No

Apologies for the quality of the image – not sure if it was a steamed up camera lens or the wind blowing so hard I couldn’t hold it steady. Either way I kind of like the effect

I’m not sure if this is Henry’s doing, or just thrifty preparation for the referendum campaign.

Tomorrow I head for Embra for a Walk Cycle Vote meeting and then a plotting session for the Women’s Cycle Forum in which we plan our next steps towards world domination (wouldn’t you like to live in a world run by women who cycle? There are worse constitutional arrangements…) and then on to Duns, if I am spared. Hopefully everything will still be standing on our return.


3 Responses to For this Relief, No Thanks

  1. Viviane says:

    I am willing to live in a world run by women who cycle ! (see Christiane Taubira in France)

  2. john gibson says:

    wouldn’t you like to live in a world run by women who cycle?

    yes I am willing as well. You would make a better job of it then the one’s doing it now.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Seems to work for the Danes and until recently the Dutch with their cycling queens…

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