In Which I Remember I have a Garden

As forecast, the sun came out today, the wind dropped, and though there was a bit of frost when we woke, it soon dissipated; all in all a very pleasant day, adjusted for it being February

snowdrops under the trees

I haven’t been getting up to the garden much, except to raid it in the semi dark for vegetables having forgotten that we were planning on having leek or kale for supper (there’s not much else going on veg wise, although as the soil warms up I’ll soon discover if I’ve missed any significant parsnips). It’s been too wet to do anything useful up to now – and it’s still rather squelchy underfoot, but I thought I had better check on the progress of the garlic which has survived everything storms Abigail through to Henry could throw at them and come up smiling. Kudos to Marshalls Seeds and their heritage garlic collection which has so far proved much more robust than the labels I used to mark which variety was which. I really had better relabel everything before the last traces fade irrevocably away.

garlic shoots

I thought I had also better plant out the remaining cloves which I started in pots. I think I got to them in time …

roots emerging from pots

On the way up to the garden, I noticed this tiny earthwork running across the lawn. I think it must be either trainee moles, or the voles are putting up flood defences of their own …

ridges in the grass


4 Responses to In Which I Remember I have a Garden

  1. Paul Gipson says:

    I believe it’s female moles that leave tracks like that. Best to catch them before you find that you have more moles to deal with.

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    I keep thinking ‘I really need to get over to the allotment’ before being buried under another deluge of commitments and tax forms…

  3. disgruntled says:

    Reclaiming Paradise – thanks! Can’t claim any credit for them though as they’re the landlord’s
    Andy – there’s not really that much that can be done at the moment because it’s so wet (although as soon as I go up there I always find more than I’ve got time for to do)
    Paul – oh we’ve got loads of moles already. I don’t really mind them, although I know some people do

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