Working Girl

After a slightly soggy start, I’ve finally got myself settled into my new office regime – culminating today in my finally remembering to take in my Aeropress AND all the bits I need to make it work so I can make properly strong* coffee. It’s handy to have a base in town – especially today when I had a couple of awkwardly timed meetings – and there are other intangible benefits too to being among people instead of sheep. I’m particularly enjoying the occasional bursts of incredibly inventive high-density swearing that float up from Bigtown’s High Street from time to time, although I could have done without this morning’s terrible busker.

There’s another bonus on the commute in too – twice in a row now, I have found myself sharing the road with a sparrowhawk which overhauls me with insulting ease and then hedgehops on and off the road ahead of me before perching up long enough for me to admire it and then disappearing off across the fields. As raptor encounters go, it beats the hell out of ASBO buzzard although I probably wouldn’t say that if I were a sparrow…

* Possibly too strong; two cups of that a day is definitely my limit especially when followed shortly afterwards by the ride home. The caffeine buzz combined with the adrenaline rush of meeting someone in a largeish lorry who had decided he didn’t need to give the approaching cyclist any room ON THE CYCLIST’S SIDE OF THE ROAD and instead could just drive straight at me (with plenty of space to his left had he wanted to use it) and expect me to give way left my heart thudding away madly for quite a while afterwards


4 Responses to Working Girl

  1. Charles says:

    Yes lorries are not the cyclist’s friend. One full size articulated lorry simply drove off the road and into a field. As Somerset is quite damp at the moment the mess was spectacular, as was the chaos when it was pulled out. No one can work out how the driver did it as the road is completely straight. Fortunately no one was hurt apart from 100 yards of hedgerow but it did nothing to encourage me to cycle on a country A road.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Oh I stay well away from the A roads. And the B roads. Indeed anything with a white line down the middle…

  3. Charles says:

    I agree that is my strategy too. Unfortunately to get onto my lane network I have to travel down a mile of A road although it is not a bad one. That gets me to a paper shop and butcher. If I need anything else then I have to use a very nasty Aroad and I confess to sneaky pavement riding for another mile. Funny how bike lanes appear only on quiet roads where there is room for them.

  4. […] much more than you can from inside a car – from night-time encounters with barn owls to being overtaken by sparrowhawks. But it also means you get to experience the grim reality of the animal carnage on our roads, up […]

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