Oh Deer

It’s been creeping up on us for a while, but even so I was a little disoriented this afternoon to realise it was five o’clock already because there was still plenty of light in the sky

setting sun

Just enough time to nip out and do a little garden pottering, even if all I achieved was to clear out some of the nettle roots from the manure heap …

lilac coloured mushrooms

… and admiring the freaky purple mushrooms that have sprung up all over it

Pulling nettle roots is strangely absorbing, actually. It’s a bit like untangling knitting wool – you have a feeling it’s not the most productive thing you could be doing with your time yet somehow you cannot stop, as there’s always another good tangled clump to tease out and then another, and another …

By the time I’d torn myself away the light was fading and it was only then I noticed the young dead deer that had been lying less than 5 yards away from where I was standing. Too gruesome for photos, you’ll be glad to hear, although how I managed to overlook it I have no idea*

* I did consider making that the title of the post but it was a bit too close to the bone to be funny

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