Gimme Sunshine

Cycling into Bigtown today to see if anyone would turn up for our winter ride in a steady freezing drizzle, I wasn’t quite feeling the bike love. And as I came up to overtake a pedestrian out walking in the rain, I felt a little miffed at having my semi-ironic ‘good morning!’ responded to with no more than a muttered greeting. Hmmph, I thought, there’s no harm in saying something nice to the only fellow human who’s mad enough to be out in this weather.

And then as I started to pedal past, I heard him call out ‘That’s a great pannier!’ and my day improved immeasurably. There really isn’t any harm in saying something nice to any fellow humans you encounter, however miserable the weather.

cow pannier

It totally is a great pannier too

Oh, and the only other fellow human mad enough to go for a recreational cycle this morning & I had a cracking bike ride too

Blessed are those with low expectations, as sometimes they will be exceeded.


6 Responses to Gimme Sunshine

  1. Totally with you on this. Not bike-related, but I stopped a girl in Huddersfield one day and said ‘I LOVE your dress!’ (fifties-style with polka dots). She said, ‘Oh, I always get complimented on this dress!’ and went on to tell me how they’d had both red and blue, and she always wished she’d bought the red one too, and then we both went on our ways feeling happier for having this daft little interaction.

  2. your pannier could be mistaken for a cow in the fog – better watch out – just back from another epic public transport trip to Bigtown – joyous as always

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I missed the ride – things to do and people to see in Bristol – in the rain and gales!!

  4. […] now I’ve got to go shopping again, to replace my trusty cow pannier, which had already been mended with duct tape once. Yesterday, as I was out doing final […]

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