Hmm. Was I ever foolish enough to claim that purple sprouting broccoli was indestructible? Over the years I’ve been growing it, I’ve certainly put that to the test, having seen my plants variously munched by caterpillars and pheasants, been felled by frost and heavy snow, bolting, and suffering from general user error and still coming up flowering in spring. This year, despite being eaten by the rabbit, they had started to recover but when I went up to check on the veg plot this afternoon (shamed into action by the other half actually starting to tidy up the garden this morning) I was distressed to notice that my celebration of their recovery had been premature

unsprouting broccoli

I don’t know what exactly is causing the damage this time. I thought we’d got rid of the rabbit, although there could still be a gap in the fence. The damage looks a bit different from when the rabbit was rampant before too – the plants look almost as if they have been gnawed

gnawed broccoli plants

Any ideas apart from extremely unambitious beavers?

The garlic, on the other hand, is going great guns. growing garlic

7 Responses to Unsprouting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Garlic looks great – shame about the purple sprouting though. Our greenhouse is in pieces (again) and the allotment is still underwater so hard to get enthusiastic about coming season. But I’ll come over to talk and order seeds this week as planned. Maybe you can inspire me!

  2. Commuterjohn says:

    It could be pidgeons, they like all brassicas.

  3. Deer are eating all the tender shoots in our garden.

  4. Charles says:

    Something that eats that much should leave some tracks in the soft and well cultivated loam that you have produced after years of tender care. Put on a deerstalker hat and see if you can see any tracks. There are well known stealth deer which have secret powers…

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