Timing is Everything

Heading back from the village the other day I stopped to chat with a neighbour about the state of the potholes that have opened up in the roads thanks to the attentions of storms Abigail, Bawbag, Frank, Ignatius and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all, or ‘winter’ as it used to be known.

Taking my duties as a community councillor seriously, I made sure to photograph the worst one, complete with welly boot and small dog for scale, to take to next Monday’s Community Council meeting.

unmended pothole

Today, as I pedalled out for the paper, I noticed it had got, if anything, worse and was wondering if even a visit from the Tarmac Fairy wouldn’t be better than hitting that thing at speed on my bike. But by the time I had returned lo and behold …

mended pothole
I am sure that the timing is entirely coincidental. But who says local politics changes nothing?

If only cycle paths could be had as easily as mended potholes apparently can…


2 Responses to Timing is Everything

  1. Paul Gipson says:

    I think we need your welly boot!

    The last two pothole photos I sent the council used the width of the road for scale purposes. When a hole covers more than half, surely that is a hint?

  2. disgruntled says:

    This one was more notable for its depth

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