Lights, Camera …

The Bigtown Cycle campaign will be heading to the Bigtown Environment Fair in a couple of weeks to try and spread the word about our activities and particularly this summer’s Bike Message Challenge (and if you’re thinking, hmm, that sounds a bit like Errandoneering but with fewer rules (and yikes, I’ve just realised that’s starting again on Friday) I admit we did totally steal the idea from Chasing Mailboxes but it’s in a good cause).

packing the bike

Star (Rhian) and propmeister (Rosie) prepare the scene for our film-making adventure

You can’t take part in the Environment Fair without providing some sort of hands-on activity. For the last couple of years we’ve let the Brompton be the star attraction, but this year we’re being a bit more ambitious and are assembling a range of practical bikes for people to try out in an attempt to convince them that it’s not positively dangerous to attempt to buy a pint of milk on a bike (as the chair of the Bigtown Retailers’ Association assured me a couple of years ago). They wanted us to make a little film about our activity to help advertise the fair, so we got a little bit creative

The idea originally was to have someone underneath the bike passing up the various items supposedly coming out of the pannier bag but as we made our preparations we realised that with a bit of careful packing we could actually fit everything in anyway, although in the interests of health and safety we decided against including a pint of milk. We wouldn’t want to give any kids watching dangerous ideas…

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