Wait for MEEE!

And now, bang, spring has arrived and oh God I’m not ready. In fact I’m not even sure what ready might look like and I don’t have any time to get ready either. I’ve done nothing in the garden for weeks and when I went to drop off some seed potatoes from potato day to my gardening chum today* he’d got his tomatoes and leeks and peas all growing away on the windowsill already.

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes from Potato Day. An even more random selection than usual because I had to deputise my parents to pick them up and they had to substitute some of my (already quite random) selections for random selections of their own.

It doesn’t help that – as alert readers may have already divined – our househunting activities have switched from ‘vaguely hoping someone might sell us a house’ to ‘actually going and looking’ so there is a real danger that we may buy something before I’ve harvested so much as a new potato. Still there’s an equally real danger that we’ll still be here this time next year in which case it would be good to have planted some vegetables. After all, as has been pointed out, vegetable seeds cost a few pounds whereas houses cost quite a lot more, so planning our house buying around not losing some of my garden produce is perhaps to get things out of proportion.

seed order

So the seeds have arrived, the potatoes are chitting and I’ll just have to hope that it all works out in the end.

* Errandonneering ride 10, as soon as I’ve worked out what category that comes under.

3 Responses to Wait for MEEE!

  1. charles says:

    it took us from the first May bank holiday until mid November to sell up and move to the country. So it takes a while. Mind you if you can find a competent solicitor it would probably go quicker ours was lazy defensive and incompetent. However if you are looking locally it could go quicker. As you arew renting you might be allowed to sneak back into your veg garden until new tenants arrive. It would keep it tidy for the landlord. However as moving is all consuming your chances of finding the time to return to your old patch are very slim.

    Good luck from Somerset.

  2. It is always tempting when faced with Spring sunshine to rush out and plant but snow and frosts are common here in W Yorks in April and I imagine they are in Scotland too. I note from an email I sent to Garden Organic when discussing planting times for orphan peas and beans last year that it was minus 1C here on 27 April 2015. Your chum is an optimist in my view.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – I’m fairly sure we won’t be moving that fast, especially at the present rate of progress
    @Michael – we are talking about under glass! But yes, most people seem to think that later is generally better

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