Batteries Not Included

It was my birthday today and, while nobody gave me what I really wanted, which was a whole week of time to catch up with myself, I had many fine presents, including a new Brooks saddle for my Brompton and books from my Amazon wishlist.

bike stand

what’s in the box?

The other half, displaying rather more faith in my skills than I have myself has given me a lovely Park Tools bike maintenance stand. I did have a vague plan to get it assembled this afternoon and photograph it with my bike on it and maybe even investigate the latest New Noise that I shouldn’t be ignoring, but after it took me several minutes just to wrestle the box open (it was fastened with about 17 of those giant brass staples that say whoever fastened it meant for it to stay fastened) I realised I was not going to have the time even to unpack everything, let along work out how to put it together so I just peered into the bottom to see if they had included a tiny bike mechanic along with all the other bits.

Sadly he or she seems to have got lost in the post, so I will have to wait until the weekend to do justice to what appears to be a Serious Piece of Kit. Meanwhile, if any of you have any spare time lying around, please send it my way. I promise I will use it well.

10 Responses to Batteries Not Included

  1. micelle2014 says:

    Happy b-day. May the new year exceed your highest expectations. I trust that your special day was all and more than you hoped it to be. Enjoy the challenge of putting the bike stand together. I hope you will share some of the experience with us.

  2. zungg says:

    Have to say, it was only after I got a stand that I started doing the basics, tuning, washing (especially washing) etc. with any semblance of regularity. I found that having the bike up on the stand makes it loads easier to poke and prod and figure out how it all works. Almost as if by taking it out of its element (the ground) you make it look slightly ridiculous and thereby demystify it. Like imagining your boss naked. Not to mention the practical side of it. The stand really does make it so much easier. It’s a great present for a cyclist’s birthday.

  3. Ulli says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you managed a wee celebratory bike ride ;-).

  4. disgruntled says:

    Micelle – thanks! TBH it was a bit of a washout of a birthday as I was working but the celebration will happen later
    @Zungg – great image. I shall try and live up to my stand
    @Ulli – thanks. I’m not sure if the run down to the papershop counts, but it got me out of the house

  5. john gibson says:

    Happy Birthday, I thought it was some kind of lamp post.

  6. commuterjohn says:

    Happy birthday,
    They are a great piece of kit, nothing beats turning the pedals around to watch just where it is squeaking from.
    Top tip, might sound stupid until you do it – when you take a wheel off normally the bike is upside down and when you slacken it off it stays there until you lift it out, not so in a bike stand, gravity takes over and it crashes to the floor!

  7. 2bikesborg says:

    Happy birthday! The Brooks saddle is great on the Brompton; the maintenance stand will be very helpful for working on bikes, but, for exactly that reason, will probably cut into your time to catch up with yourself or your riding!

  8. Flighty says:

    Happy, belated, birthday! xx

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