Waterproof in Scotland?

So, given how busy I am, what productive thing did I get up to this afternoon? Well, among other things – trying to turn the Rayburn into a laminator.

noticeboard tree

It all makes a certain sense, if you think about it. In my new role as secretary of the community council I seem to have the job of organising everything that happens in the parish, and that includes our annual litter pick. Litter picks require volunteers, so they have to be advertised, so as well as putting something in the community newsletter and up on our parish Facebook page, that means putting a poster up on noticeboard tree because nothing is officially happening round here until it’s properly announced on the tree. And as it rains a fair bit around here, putting a poster up generally means getting it laminated so that it remains a poster, instead of turning into litter itself the minute it rains.

We don’t have a laminator, but a little googling suggested that you could improvise with some clingfilm and an iron.* This worked surprisingly well, but then I got ambitious – could I take advantage of the heat the Rayburn generates anyway and use that instead of an iron? This worked less well, although not disastrously so, due to the lack of flat surfaces on the Rayburn hotplate covers. With a bit more experimentation I did reckon I could have perfected the method, using the two scrap sheets of metal we use to speed up defrosting when we’ve forgotten to take stuff out of the freezer in time, but at that point sanity prevailed and I decided I’d sunk enough time in the project and walked up to the waterfall to post the one I’d done earlier.

Pedal on Parliament

POP Poster. You are all coming, aren’t you?

Of course, when I got there, I saw that the POP poster I’d put up three weeks earlier was still going strong, despite all that the weather gods had thrown at us in recent days, so I may have wasted my time after all. Or it may be that POP posters are made of the right stuff and are rather more robust than our cheap printer paper.

Either way, I shall keep you posted on the relative survival times of the home-laminated litter pick poster and the non-laminated POP one. I know, I know – you can hardly wait.

* ‘You used an iron?’ said an amazed other half when he returned from Notso Bigtown and asked what I’d been up to… He may just have been surprised that I knew where it lived.

3 Responses to Waterproof in Scotland?

  1. Neil says:

    Using an iron on cling film sounds like a disaster in the making.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Heh. I should probably clarify you don’t iron the cling film directly

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