radio mast

It’s funny – we’ve spent 8 years here, more or less to the day, and we’ve never thought to drive up to the top of the hill to get a closer look at the radio mast* we can see from almost everywhere around here.

This evening, though, there was a beacon planned for the Queen’s 90th birthday and where else would you site it but right on the top of the hill where the mast is, and presumably for similar reasons. I’m fairly neutral on the whole monarchy thing, but I’m all for a big bonfire and it being a village event that, crucially, someone else had organised, I thought we had better go and support it.

full moon

It was only when we’d driven all the way up the hill that it struck us that the views would be fantastic – and not just because it was the only spot in the parish you couldn’t see the radio mast from.


Despite it being a gloriously warm day the wind had picked up and we didn’t wait to spot any other beacons before starting our own. The youngest inhabitant of the parish had the honour of setting the match to the bonfire and then it was the usual bonfire activity of finding the sweet spot between freezing your arse off and burning your eyebrows off.

hot bonfire

And getting close enough to toast a marshmallow or two. I wonder if you could make Tunnocks Caramel Wafers Smores?

tunnocks, marshmallows and flag
* Obviously, while a distant windfarm is considered a dreadful eyesore, a ginormous radio mast slap bang in the middle of the parish is just part of the scenery. No, I don’t really know either


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