Well thank goodness that’s over

The problem with being so busy for so long is that it started to take the joy out of everything else – including riding my bike. When all I had time for is the ride either into town or down to the papershop, and even then it felt like I couldn’t really justify the time it took, then it starts to feel like a chore to be on the bike, and that way madness lies.

Quiet country road

Fortunately, an old friend and fellow campaigner was on a brief return visit to the region, having rashly retired to the flatlands of Lincolnshire.* He dropped by to say hello, which of course meant going for a bike ride, which in turn meant a cafe stop, and we’d soon managed a very civilised 20-odd mile jaunt around the back roads, gently setting the world to rights as we went.

It’s easy to forget – until you get a visitor from less favoured places – that it’s not normal in the UK to be able to pick from one of a number of routes which will offer great views, gently rolling hills and miles and miles of all but traffic-free roads – all from your own front door.

By the time we had returned, replete with a delicious lunch (and special thanks to the weather gods  who not only held off for the whole time that we were out – but dumped a downpour of rain and more hail for our entertainment while we were safely in the cafe), I had remembered why it was I so enjoyed getting out on my bike and why I’m prepared to put so much of my time and energy into making it possible for everyone else to do the same

And now that things are getting somewhat calmer, it’s something I intend to start taking advantage of again.

quiet country road


* Anyone who thinks that hills are an impediment to cycling clearly doesn’t know many cyclists.


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