Meanwhile at the Met Office …

blue skies

‘There seems to be something wrong with our new supercomputer

‘How so?’

‘Well, I’ve checked the data twice, calibrated all the calculations, re-run the forecasts again and again and it’s still showing South West Scotland basking in sunshine.’

‘What’s the rest of the UK doing?’

‘Rainy. Cold. There’s flooding in France. But it also keeps coming up as taps aff in Glasgow and they’ve had their week of summer already.’

‘Ah well, that can’t be right then. I told you not to allow it to upgrade to Windows 10’

‘So what should I do? I’ve already tried switching it off and switching it on again.’

‘Oh just do a manual override and go back to the default setting. Overcast should do it.’

‘But I’ve just checked the satellite images and it’s showing actual sunshine this morning.’

‘Well, sunny intervals then. But don’t whatever you do forecast a week of glorious sunshine for that corner of the world or we’ll be a laughing stock.’

‘But …’

‘Remember the “barbecue summer”?’

‘You’re right. Cloudy it is.’

Hopefully, the Weather Gods have been equally bamboozled by the forecasts and won’t notice what’s actually going on for a while longer. Not quite ready to give this up…


4 Responses to Meanwhile at the Met Office …

  1. spot on .. and thanks for the link to the Taps Aff website – will use if for all my weather info from now on

  2. john gibson says:

    Taps Aff, that is brilliant. Where do you find this stuff.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Twitter – where else?

  4. […] it would be even kinder of the weather gods to start off sunny and go on like that, but we’ve had our summer and we know better than to […]

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