Taking the Plunge

The fine weather continues, and frankly it’s beginning to be a bit unnerving. It was positively HOT yesterday and again today, and although the Met Office keeps threatening rain, it’s always receding into the future as the blue skies continue. It’s getting harder and harder to remember that this is NOT NORMAL and should not be relied upon – instead I am making plans involving casually agreeing to do a 30 mile round trip by bike one evening to meet a book group, thinking it will be a lovely to cycle in the warmth of a summer evening, even though this is a couple of weeks off, by which time it may well be raining frogs.

And today I went a step further and took to the water not once but twice. I’ve always been a bit sniffy about the rebranding of swimming anywhere but a pool as ‘wild swimming’ and I’ve plunged myself into enough freezing Scottish burns as a child to feel that it’s more about the mortification of the flesh than anything you might expect to enjoy, but today a friend texted me to meet her at the waterfall and ‘bring my swimming things’. I don’t know who was more surprised, she or I, when I did just that and immersed myself in the surprisingly only a bit icy water.*

pool below the waterfall

And then when the other half return mid afternoon and we decided it was TOO HOT to sit on the bench – and yet too nice to do anything else – there was only one thing for it: ride up to the reservoir and swim properly (is it wild swimming in a reservoir? Surely that’s at least semi tame).

And here’s the thing: it was amazing. The top few inches of the water were nigh-on bath temperature, with cooler depths below, and I can only describe the sensation of swimming through it as like sliding through silk as the waters mixed around us. It was still warm enough at five to lie in the sun and dry off and then pedal home wondering why we’ve spent eight years living so near the reservoir and never thought to swim in it. And then we remembered that was because we’ve never been TOO HOT up here before.

It surely cannot last, mind.

clouds building

* to be completely honest, I only actually took the plunge initially because I slipped when I was up to my knees, otherwise I’d probably still be standing there trying to decide whether to go in or not.


2 Responses to Taking the Plunge

  1. wisob says:

    I’ve been Open Water Swimming (I’m a triathlete, we have to give it a serious name) twice this week. In a wetsuit, it has been fabulous. Normally at the end of a session people are quite keen to get out of the water and get warmed up – this week we were all standing around chatting while still knee-deep!

  2. disgruntled says:

    aha – Open Water Swimming it is then

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