Every Little Helps

pannier full

I really should know better than to go to the Bigtown plant swap event. Even though I cunningly go by bike, so I can’t be tempted to pick up any plants which may or may not be suitable for the new house, when you’ve got a magically expanding Dutch pannier bag it’s amazing what you find you can carry home all the same.

plant swap haul

Like two bay trees, some lupins, and a strawberry plant. And then again, who doesn’t need such things in their new garden? And given all the splendid goodies on offer,* I think I was relatively abstemious.

In other news, I noticed the other evening that we’ve been getting a little hand with the weeding

hare eating weeds

Chilled hare (or its equally chilled pal) is back.

hare scratching

* It’s becoming a regular occurrence at these events that a chap nobody has ever seen before pulls up just as the event is starting and offloads a bootful of amazing nursery-standard young plants from his allotment and then disappears without a word. I think some gardeners just grow plants like some knitters knit – it’s the doing that’s the thing and the end product is somewhat irrelevant; finding someone who’s happy to take them off your hands is a bonus.

4 Responses to Every Little Helps

  1. Keep your lupin under lock and key. I was puzzled a number of years ago to find a line of about 20 lupin seedlings disappearing one by one until one morning I spotted a young rabbit nibbling the next one in line!

  2. disgruntled says:

    Lupins seem to divide the internet … they’re either impossible to grow successfully or will take over entirely. We’ll see

  3. […] found not only this rather creepy zombie rabbit statue but a couple of spots in the flowerbed where chilled hare has obviously been hanging out (its ‘form’ apparently). I tell myself that this shows […]

  4. […] Although of course, I couldn’t resist putting a few waifs and strays in that had been waiting patiently in pots since the plant swap … […]

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