The Great Scape

OK, I’ll confess that I originally took this photo partly because it was cool but mainly because I wanted to google what was going wrong with my garlic that was making the flower stems come out all curly

garlic stems

This shows how little I know because I found out that not only are garlic flower stems (scapes, apparently, to those in the know or those who have recently typed ‘curly garlic stems’ into Google anyway) meant to be curly, they’re also considered a delicacy.

harvested scapes

A little nibble of a freshly cut stem had me a bit dubious – ‘pungent’ doesn’t even begin to describe it – but the Internet assured me that, once sautéd in a bit of olive oil and then roasted on a pizza, they would be delicious.

And bugger me, if the Internet wasn’t bang to rights. As tasty as asparagus but with a (much milder once cooked) wonderfully garlicky flavour.

parsnip flowers

Ahem. This is not because I never got round to harvesting the last parsnips. It’s to attract beneficial hoverflies. Or something

Must google to see if there’s anything you can do with parsnip flowers …

nettle and ground elder

Fortunately this part of the garden is not under my charge. It does have a certain magnificence to it though

… or nettle and ground elder


4 Responses to The Great Scape

  1. EmeryDayLife says:

    I’ve never tried scapes but I’ve seen them suddenly all over my Facebook newsfeed. I will have to hunt them down because they sound perfect for me; lover of asparagus, garlic, and broccolini!

  2. Leave the parsnips a while, the tiny fruits taste amazing! So does vodka, when it’s been sitting on said tiny fruits for a couple of months. You could also leave a few to seed, and have seeds for next year.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Emery – I guess the season is now! But I’d never heard of them either
    @Rachel – I did think about letting them set seed but we will have moved by then. Might well try the vodka idea though

  4. […] – by way of a bonus – we discovered scapes, which are seriously one of the most delicious things you can grow in your garden and were entirely […]

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