Binge Gardening

garden after

Yes this is the ‘after’ shot, not the ‘before’

I’ve finally had time this week to try and catch up with the garden – just in time to leave it next month, but never mind. In among the weeds that were threatening to take over the courtyard completely I found not only this rather creepy zombie rabbit statue but a couple of spots in the flowerbed where chilled hare has obviously been hanging out (its ‘form’ apparently). I tell myself that this shows we have a wildlife-friendly approach to gardening, rather than something approaching a wilderness in the flowerbeds.

dead bunny statue

The garden may not look too much better, at least to the naked eye, but I have carted away two barrowloads of vegetation which has to represent progress in some measure.

barrowload of weeds

And I was happy to see that at least some of my random perennials have survived beneath all of the weeds.

random perennial

I heard on the radio as I weeded that purposeful work out among nature has a powerful effect on the mood. Radio 4 did its best counteract that by then following up with wall-to-wall EU referendum coverage. But even so, I feel I’ve spent a worthwhile day and am now ready to face whatever Thursday’s vote may bring.

Don’t forget to vote, those of you who can.


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