Priorities …

So, today we bought a house.

At least, I think we did – it’s all very low key in the Scottish system and I don’t think we’ve actually signed anything at all during the whole process, but we do have the keys and we have handed over a sizeable sum of money; the rest has been sorted out by the lawyers. I hope.

We’re not moving till the end of the month to give us time to decorate and buy up the entire Screwfix catalogue but we headed over in great excitement for the really important business: finding the garden

strimming round the house

And pioneering a new route to the old chicken shed*

chicken shed

As well as the contents of one of the bathroom cabinets (what is the etiquette on that, btw? Do we just own anything left in the house after we’ve acquired the keys or will we be expected to pack up the half-used packets of Pepto Bismol and send them on?), we seem to have acquired some excellent compost

compost bin

A water feature

ornamental pond

And garden statuary

garden statue

We’re calling her ‘Mostly’ because she’s mostly armless

Oh and cows for neighbours. Of course.

cow neighbours

The back garden puzzles me – a large part of it has been carefully landscaped with a membrane and slate chippings so that it is effectively a barren scree slope with a few architectural (gardening speak for spiky) plants thrown in. Each to their own – and the weeds do pull up from it rather nicely – but I can’t think why anyone would want that as their view from the kitchen window. I’m guessing that I can poke holes in it and put plants in although it appears to be pure clay underneath.

scree slope

Still that’s a problem for another day. Along with where best to put the veg plot, the fruit cage and the greenhouse …

* Chickens not included; although there’s a good inch or three of droppings in the shed which makes me feel quite sad for the previous incumbents. Still, more good compost…


7 Responses to Priorities …

  1. Find Your Gap says:

    Great fun. You are going to have a great time. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. B

  2. Charles says:

    I had the same weed proof membrane over clay when I moved in. Just cut out large squares and dig in a lot of compost and it works well. Not sure what I would do with the gravel though, would it work on the driveway to give you the authentic crunchy sound? I trust the inside of the house is in a better state than the verdant and exuberant wildlife haven/garden or you are going to be very busy…

    Sounds fun though


  3. That’s what I call an exciting challenge. I can give you the whole low down on what to do with gravel if you’ve got a long time – two options. 1)the long slow one – dig it all up and replace with beautiful organic matter or 2) the quick and easy one – make holes in the gravel and stick plants in at random. I’ve done both. Bits of gravel from option 1) still seem to appear in my garden 20 years later and several miles away from the original gravel garden. Mainly, have fun!

  4. disgruntled says:

    I’m all for random gardening! I think the quick and easy option is the one to go for

  5. Congratulations! That happens so much more quickly in Scotland than in England…… Hope the moving in goes well

  6. disgruntled says:

    It’s certainly a lot less fraught – and there was no chain which always helps

  7. […] I will say one thing about the baffling landscaping of this garden: it’s blissfully easy to weed, at least the bits which have been refashioned […]

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