Moving On

I’d thought I’d have a few more chances to savour the papershop run on the bike, but with the house being in entirely the wrong direction, and with many more days worth of stripping, scraping, sanding, priming, painting, deciding the colour was wrong, and repainting in the offing before we move in, I can no longer afford to be spending an hour cycling down for the paper and back, and then another half hour on to the house. So with some reluctance, I have cancelled my paper order at Papershop Village, said my farewells to Papershop Woman and Papershop Bloke and the woman I sometimes chat to when I see her out walking as I pass her on the bike, and remembered to savour something of the ride as I barrelled home on a tailwind.

view from the papershop run

Last chance to enjoy the view at the top of the hill

It’s hard to appreciate a route you do two or three times a week for several years, but now that I won’t be doing it much any more, I’ve realised I’ve been somewhat taking the ride for the paper for granted. After all, there are cyclists who actually have to seek out a scenic 11-mile round trip on rolling and almost deserted country roads, whereas I tend to just ride through it on autopilot, when I’m not actually being divebombed by enraged raptors.

Speaking of which, I did wonder whether ASBO buzzard wouldn’t take the opportunity to put in one last appearance but it has been conspicuous by its absence this year – whether because it’s chilled out somewhat or gone to the great telegraph pole in the sky. I’d say I was disappointed that I didn’t hear the maddened onrush of wings as it made a final attack. But that would be a lie.

I wonder what adventures await me on my new cycling routes …


3 Responses to Moving On

  1. When I worked in Edinburgh, I remember feeling very strongly I had to bid farewell to the newspaper vendor on my last day of employment. Silly really but buying my daily copy of the Scotsman seemed very important. I bought a copy a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to have gone off the boil in the intervening years..

  2. disgruntled says:

    I wondered that in London but I don’t think they’d have known who I was …

  3. Kathleen says:

    Re: Removing wallpaper. Have you discovered that scoring the old paper with a sharp weapon (table knife, spatula, etc.) and then spraying it liberally with liquid fabric softener makes it much easier to remove? It pays to wait three or four minutes between spraying and pulling the remnants of yesterday’s high fashion paper from the walls.

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