Light Relief

One of the joys (not) of buying a house is dealing with all the utility companies allegedly competing for our business in the UK’s supposedly efficient free market system – one of these days I will be able to relate to you the full saga of our ‘related MPAN’ which apparently leaves us tied to one electricity company until I can get someone to take responsibility for sorting it out or hell freezes over, whichever is the soonest – and today it was the turn of the telephone engineer. We’d arranged that he’d meet us up at the new house some time between 1pm and 6pm and the other half was heading there but had various shopping errands to run first. So as I pedalled up the last hill to the house on my bike just a shade after 1 I was a bit worried to see a white van coming down again, thinking that the other half might have missed the engineer.

‘Are you coming from <ridiculously long name of new house>?’ I asked

‘Yeah, but there was nobody there. Couldn’t get in,’ said the stony faced engineer.

‘That’s our house,’ I said. ‘I can let you in just now.’

‘Too late now. You missed your slot,’ he said, even more stony faced.

I was just wondering how we could retrieve the situation when he suddenly cracked, burst out laughing and confessed he’d just been in the house, the phone line was working, he’d left the other half with some cable and extension boxes to play with and that I needed to get on with sanding the skirting boards and we should be painting the hall a nice bright lime green in his opinion.

If only the electricity meter situation can be as easily sorted, I will be a happy woman.

Oh and for those wondering what my new papershop run will look like, this should give you an idea. It’s a long way down…

new papershop run


4 Responses to Light Relief

  1. Stripes on the road and everything!

  2. Bob McLean says:

    I’ll see your “missed your slot” and raise you a “it can’t be done”. This was in Vienna, Austria where the Austrian phone company technicians (yes, two of them) couldn’t fathom how to get a phone line up to our top floor apartment. Took them forever to come to that conclusion as well.
    So, will you just move on to the competition? That would be my first choice.

  3. Bob McLean says:

    …although, at least your guy was kidding.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @paul – not mad keen on stripes on the road! Fortunately it’s only for a mile or so
    @bob – I think we’ll stick with the kidder. Especially as everything seems to be sorted much more quickly than we’d feared

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