First Harvest

Well, I thought I knew from long experience what all the weeds were that grew around here, but these ones around the new house had me a bit baffled:

unfamiliar weeds

They sort of looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place them. It took a visiting gardening friend to put her finger on it

‘Are those … parsnips?’

weeded parsnips

Why yes, it appears that is exactly what they are. Sadly, weed-proof membrane means they aren’t likely to be growing into anything sensible – but then again, we’ve had mad parsnips before


2 Responses to First Harvest

  1. Ulli says:

    🙂 One of my parsnips hid successful last winter and now has a gigantic flower stalk … will try not to let the seeds go wild …

  2. disgruntled says:

    Apparently you can steep the ‘fruits’ in vodka for an aniseedy drink. I quite like the idea of self-seeding parsnips though

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