Cat Three Doughnut Run

over the bridge

In retrospect, I probably should have paid attention to the fact that our new house was on a road that was classed as a Category 3 climb in the Tour of Britain. I’ve tried using this entertaining tool but it can’t do much with a place which is up a serious hill from almost everywhere – although it does produce this illuminating ride profile, which confirms my initial feeling that we had better savour the views from the house (which are extensive, when the weather is playing ball) because I will have earned every minute of them.

ride profile

This week, a confluence of deadlines has meant I’ve left the other half doing all the decorating. Feeling somewhat guilty about this, I decided to take a detour on my ride home from Bigtown this afternoon to deliver some emergency doughnuts to the new house. I did either this ride or the one from the house (which is not much flatter) every day last week and by the end of it I was feeling it in my legs. Today, I was in a hurry and even though it was warm and muggy and I was riding into the wind, it did start to feel a bit easier. I doubt I’ll ever actually arrive at the house looking cool, calm and collected, but I may actually manage a daily trip for the paper without having to revert to an e-bike.

road past fields

And there’s always the bonus that any doughnut consumed at the top will count as calorie free.

through the woods


9 Responses to Cat Three Doughnut Run

  1. neil says:

    An E-assist upgrade or +1 in the future perhaps?

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    SOmething we’ll have to watch in future when we lok for our home. Thankfully my future job will be possible almost anywhere.

  3. Lolablogger says:

    I wasn’t paying much attention and reached the end of the blog post without finding out what the other two cats got for tea

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Neil – it may come to that, or I may just get used to it
    @Andy – the ‘flattest route’ site is your friend …
    @lola – mice, hopefully

  5. Autolycus says:

    Oh. Category. I was expecting something about amusing feline dietary habits.

  6. welshcyclist says:

    I love doughnuts, but after my rides they simply are’t enough!!

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  9. […] since we moved to a house that was not only up a Category 3 hill, but also, crucially, into the prevailing wind on my way home, I’ve been trying to develop a […]

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