Final Ford News

Well we did it – or at least we’ve translocated ourselves and all our stuff to the new house

Paradoxically, despite moving to what is technically a larger house (but with less shedage) we appear to have no room for half of our stuff. This confirms my suspicions that the stuff does actually breed while you’re not looking.

Blogging has been light because we’ve been fairly busy over the last few days, but we did take the opportunity the other night to play one last round of ‘guess the level of the ford’.

Final ford reading

Final ford reading

The other half was delighted to have the winning guess in what will likely be our final bout. Or maybe we will find another ford.


4 Responses to Final Ford News

  1. I’m going to miss that ford and ASBO buzzard…

  2. disgruntled says:

    I won’t miss ASBO Buzzard!

  3. d9015 says:

    Nice to have an historic practical example of flood management on the doorstep. Road designers accepted that in times of flood the inconvenience of a road with water running over it was preferable to the water being held back & flooding land & buildings. More of this could mean less damaging flooding?

  4. welshcyclist says:

    Hope you find another ford!

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