Nosy Neighbours

No, not the human ones, although most of the folk in the houses round about have dropped by to introduce themselves since we’ve moved in. It’s our other neighbours who cannot contain themselves from watching our every move, the ones we’ve dubbed Moo-I5

nosy cows

‘Left hand down a bit’

Particularly this morning when we had electricians round who made a bit of a production of backing their various vans into our drive – possibly not helped by having an audience of fascinated bovines.

nosy cows

‘He’s going to hit that gatepost …’

Cows suffer from FOMO too, so the ones in the other field had to come over and have a look.

With the house full of workmen indoors, and a gloriously sunny day outdoors, I cut my losses and decided to take gardening leave for the morning, so of course the cows had to just happen to be over on our side of the field.*

nosy cows

And a brazen few overcame their nervousness and came over and said hello. They have surprisingly rough tongues, cows.

nosy cows

And then, after about half an hour of gardening with several pairs of big brown eyes fixed on me, they all got bored again and wandered off, leaving me wondering if it was something I did…

*when we got all the paperwork pertaining to the house, there was a fairly long clause explaining how we had joint responsibility with the farmer over the fences around our garden, which boiled down to the fact that they were responsible for keeping the cows’ feet off our property, but if we wanted a fence that would prevent their heads from coming over and eating everything within cow reach, that was our responsibility. We now understand the full force of that …

9 Responses to Nosy Neighbours

  1. I bet they discuss you among themselves when you’re not there, too:)

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m sure they talk of nothing else

  3. 2bikesborg says:

    The best way to deal with nosy neighbours is to invite them in for a cuppa–they can bring the milk!

  4. Charles says:

    Cows are experts at sidling up to you without looking at you and are equipped with stealth technology. I was standing in a field one day and the next thing I knew was someone was wiping me down with a large wet brillo pad, or “tongue”.

  5. Cows are very curious. I once pulled into a gateway, to take a call on my mobile, within seconds there were 20 cows staring at me and mooing so loud I couldn’t hear the call… I wondered as I was driving a Landrover, they thought lunch had arrived. Are they bringing clouds of flies with them?

  6. disgruntled says:

    @2bikes – good point!
    @charles – ha! I’m keeping well out of their territory
    @UHDD – that’s what you get for driving a landrover.

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