The Accidental Gardener

Visiting the ‘allotment’ today – as we are now referring to the old veg garden and greenhouse – I noticed that I appear to have accidentally grown some courgettes

accidental courgettes

Proof perhaps that there’s no avoiding a glut of courgettes (and as I don’t like courgettes – and neither, apparently, does the rabbit, although it has spend the last few days demolishing a bed of cavolo nero – then just one courgette counts as a glut) even if you don’t plant any of the buggers.

Although, thinking back, a friend did turn up with a load of plants back in April uttering the fateful words ‘take them or they’re going in the compost’, with only vague instructions as to what they were. I might have guessed when they thrived they would be courgettes rather than the hoped for squash

Delicious recipes, possibly involving rabbit, appreciated.

4 Responses to The Accidental Gardener

  1. Seems to be more courgette in the picture than in the recipe but might be quite tasty

    the second one is a serious misuse of champagne

  2. Cut aubergine, courgettes and red/ yellow peppers into small cubes. Cut block of halloumi into similar. Toss in big ovenproof pan with about 3/4 of a pack of tomato passata and a jolly good slug of olive oil until everything is nicely coated in tomatoey goo. Cook in 170 degree/ gas 4 oven for an hour, taking it out every twenty minutes and giving it a good stir. Serve with rice.

    The 8yo hates courgettes and he doesn’t even notice them in this. Also it is completely, almost unbelievably delicious.

  3. wisob says:
    This is my current favourite courgette recipe. You could also google courgette cake recipes. Or grate them, shove them in the freezer and then shove them in stew/casserole.
    Or something like this:
    (I have a similar recipe my mother got from relatives in Australia).

  4. disgruntled says:

    I might just pick the courgettes and then run away to Amsterdam for a few days and let the other half eat them…

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