Ask and Ye Shall Receive …

The joy of the internet: no sooner have I intimated that I might need some plants to populate my garden, than lo and behold a car boot full of them land on my doorstep

plant haul

Thanks to the kindness of a friend of a friend (who has form when it comes to distributing plant material …) I have several recycled recycling containers full of guaranteed slug-proof, bomb-proof, cold-weather-proof (he may live in England, but at considerably more height), but possibly not me-proof plants.

The slug-proofing shall be tested extensively, as I have discovered that plenty of places for slugs to hide + the removal of a large amount of vegetation = lots of very hungry slugs who then devour every tender little plant you try and establish in place of the weeds.

new plants

The me-proofing will also be put to the test as I’ve got another crunch on with work (not helped by a planned long weekend in the Netherlands with my female cycling pals letting our hair down – sorry, that should have read ‘extensively studying cycling infrastructure’) so I’m going to have to plant them without the sort of extensive preparation and care that I would normally lavish on them (*ahem*. Honestly). I suspect with some of them (Monbretia, I’m looking at you) I could probably just fire them at the ground and they’ll be fine. As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see…


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